Hi, I’m Hannah!

I help freedom-seekers & service-based entrepreneurs who want a “hands-off” online business that earns them a consistent $5K-$20K+ per month & lets them do what they love, while working from anywhere.

I do this through what I call a “laptop agency” model…Which is a model for providing high value & high ROI digital marketing services (like FB ads, Adwords, SEO, LinkedIn Marketing, and others) to established businesses; that at the same time establishes you as an authority in your niche, frees up your time, gets you higher paying clients consistently , and takes the service delivery off of your plate.

If you’d like to know the exact steps I took to start & grow my own laptop agency – and exactly how you can too – download the free masterplan here.

Taking The Lifestyle Out Of "Lifestyle Business"

Just a few years ago I was a digital marketing freelancer killing myself trying to 1) get clients and 2) service my clients, with basically 3) no time for anything else.

Going to local Chamber of Commerce networking events and trying to meet every business owner I could; giving away free “strategy sessions” to tiny local businesses (with no marketing budget); taking on $500 web design projects (and doing all of the work myself); doing Facebook ads for $400/month… And being basically underpaid, overworked, with zero work-life balance.

The saddest thing about this was that I started my marketing freelancing business because I wanted to have a freer lifestyle, and offering services seemed to be the fastest way to go location independent and escape the “rat race”. 

To be fair, offering online marketing services was in fact a fast way to become location & financially free enough to quit my job.

But rather than travelling to visit friends around the world, I was glued in front of my laptop for 15 hours a day.

Rather than spending time on my other passions (like piano, tennis, and swing dancing), I was doing nothing but scrambling to find (and then scrambling to service) low paying clients.

Rather than being seen as a respected authority in my field, I was seen as a lowly freelancer who offered commoditized services that anybody else could offer at a lower price.

My “lifestyle business” was ruining my lifestyle.

Working hard on the things that didn’t matter nearly as much as I thought they did 🙁

As A Freelancer, Can You Relate To This? ​

Maybe you can relate to what I was going through… 

Figuring Out A Better Way (From Online Freelancer, To Digital Agency Owner)

The good news is that after scrapping my first online marketing agency (I got so overworked, overwhelmed, and downright depressed with the way things were going, that I finally just fired all of my clients, and took a few months off to do some deep thinking); I finally pieced together an entirely different model for providing online services, which radically flips the traditional freelancing rules on their heads.

(I personally offer Adwords, FB ads & LinkedIn marketing, but this can work with any high value online service that helps established businesses).

I realized that most of the grief that comes with being an online service provider, agency owner, or freelancer, is rooted in one of 4 fundamental problems. 

The 4 Fundamental Problems Of Most Freelancers, Agency Owners, & Service Providers:

1) Not having an offer that sells. When a prospective client hears what you offer, they should perk up and be interested. It should be easy to get that first conversation. It should sound exciting and appealing to them. It should be something that they WANT. The way I had been describing my services (and thinking about my services, and providing my services) made me sound just like everybody else, and therefore made it hard for me to easily get clients, let alone high-paying clients.

2) Not having a consistent & repeatable way to get clients. I was doing everything from going to in-person networking meetings, asking friends and family for leads, calling businesses I saw advertising on billboards – I was all over the place. I needed to stop doing a million and one things and FOCUS on finding one predictable way to get high-paying clients. (In my case this meant going outside of my local area, and using online platforms only – specifically one in particular).

3) Providing marketing “services” rather than a proven plan that works. This is a big tip. Before, I was providing things like “adwords for dentists” or “SEO for local businesses”. These are SERVICES. Nobody really wants a service. I realized that what people really want is a proven system that already works. So I started looking at my best results. I found campaigns that were already getting great results, within specific niches.

And instead of offering “adwords for dentists” I started offering things like “an Adwords campaign that’s working great for other dentists to get them more Invisalign patients” or a “7 Step SEO Authority Article Plan That Gets You On The First Page Of Google & Instantly Seen As A Thought Leader” 

Not only do these offers sound WAY more appealing to the prospect, it makes your job as a service provider a thousand times easier – rather than coming up with a new list of things to do for every client, you have a step by step repeatable plan that you implement every time.

4) Not having time to do anything else because you are too busy doing the actual work. There’s no way around this – if you are doing all of the service work yourself, you WILL be held back forever. Held back with how much your business will grow, how much money you will make, and how much free time (and a life!) you will have. 

The solution to this is to outsource. And if you follow the steps 1-3 above, it’s much easier to do so, because you are offering a PROVEN PLAN that works, which can easily be repeated for each new client, and others can take on the delivery. 

With the “laptop agency” model…

❌ You DON’T stress about getting each new client results  from scratch all by yourself, instead you outsource a PROVEN CAMPAIGN to a an experienced subcontractor.

❌ You DON’T go after a million different types of low paying clients, you stick to one or just a few niches, who are happy to pay higher monthly prices for results. 

❌ You DON’T scramble to find new clients in a million different ways, instead you set up a consistent prospecting “engine” that continuously brings you in new clients and prospects  – so you can focus on other things. 

❌ You DON’T do all of the work yourself, you have great subcontractors who take care of the service delivery, and manage the client projects. 

Not only is this business model better for YOU, it’s better for your clients, and your outsource team.

✅ YOU get higher paying clients, and more free time to focus on other things. 

 YOUR CLIENT gets a plan that’s already proven for other businesses in their niche to get results (meaning less risk for them). 

✅ YOUR SUBCONTRACTORS get consistent work and the satisfaction of having a proven plan to follow. 

The old way is hard and exhausting. The new way is WIN WIN WIN.

The Laptop Agency Model (How To Run A High-Paying, Hands-Off Online Advertising & Social Media Marketing Agency From Your Laptop)

Here’s the basic overview:

Is This The Best Online Business Model For 2019?

There are a lot of viable online business models out there, and starting a laptop agency is just one of many.

That said, I have done a lot in the internet marketing world (from selling ebooks on gardening, to doing affiliate marketing, to blogging) and all other things being equal, I personally think that a “laptop agency” model is hands-down the best one to get started with. 

However, if you love doing the actual service – like running Facebook or Google ad campaigns yourself – then rather than start your own laptop agency,  you might want to partner with an existing agency owner, and just focus on doing the service side of things . 

My philosophy is all about doing what you are best at, and letting others take care of the parts you don’t like.

(If this is the case, please get in touch, as I am always looking for great service partners to recommend to my students ESPECIALLY if you are getting great results for one specific niche market)

If you adore designing websites yourself, then my entire agency model might not be a fit for you – but my client acquisition system could help you to start getting higher paying clients more consistently, as my niche/outcome framework of service offering signs on much higher paying clients, more easily.

"Should I Start An Online Marketing 'Laptop Agency'?"

Starting Or Transitioning To A Laptop Agency Might Be For You If…

➡️ You are looking for a way to get high recurring revenue quickly (days or weeks instead of months or years).

➡️ You want want to quickly get up to earning $5k/month and more.

➡️ You already offer online services (or know you want to).

➡️ You are marketing or tech savvy, or willing/able to learn.

➡️ You don’t want to do all of the service delivery yourself.

➡️ You want to quickly establish your authority in one specific niche, and therefore command higher prices in that niche. 

➡️ You want a system of getting clients that works like clockwork, and builds your authority at the same time.

➡️ You want consistent recurring revenue.

➡️ You want a business that you can start, run, and grow from anywhere in the world, with just your laptop and cell phone.

➡️ You want a lot more free time to pursue your other passions – be it traveling, creative projects, your family, or that hobby that you love.

➡️ You want a legitimate business you can be proud of, which offers real value to your clients. 

…If you answered YES to most of these, then a “laptop agency” could be a perfect business for you.  Get the 7 step masterplan here.

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