That's me - Hannah G. Wiley - Globetrotting Digital Marketing Agency Owner, & Host Of The Laptop Agency Show. (Enjoying spritzes in Trieste, Italy)


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 The Online Best Services To Offer In 2019

The best marketing services to offer  in 2019  –  That command the highest prices,  give your clients the best results,  & cause the least amount of  stress to you … And which ones to avoid

 How To Get Your First High-Paying Client

I will show you exactly how to get your first high paying recurring revenue client – even if you feel you lack credibility or have no prior proof. (Plus, how much you should really be charging.)

 How To Have More Free Time & Less Stress

How to massively free up your time by simplifying and/or removing the 2 biggest stressors of freelancer life:  lead generation & service fulfillment. I show you how to get these off of your plate

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There is a HIGH-PAYING CLIENT GOLDMINE that is staring you in the face (and it is 100% free in the way that I teach it). You don’t actually need to spend a cent on ads OR make cold calls to get your first clients.

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I Call This New Type Of Services Model A "Laptop Agency" And It's Perfect For...

  • Overworked Freelancers who want to remove themselves from their businesses, take the service delivery off of their plate, and have a repeatable high-paying client-getting system that makes life EASIER and STRESS-FREE. You want a life & business simplifier.

  • Escape Artists & Wanderlusters looking for the fastest path possible to escape the 9-5 & make good money quickly. Whether you're a retiree looking for a new adventure, a parent who wants more time at home, or an "unemployable" freedom-seeker who wants to travel the world, you want a ticket to escape.

  • Creative Multipassionates & Big Idea Dreamers who want a healthy cashflow business that gives value to the world, while also giving them the time and financial freedom to focus on their true creative passions & projects. You want a cashflow funder for your dreams.

My daily morning view while I was living in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala for a few months.


Coworking with other location-independent entrepreneurs from the Millennial Entrepreneurs Community, at a rooftop cafe in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Hanging out with other digital nomads entrepreneurs on the "entrepreneur yacht" in Cancun, Mexico.

Meeting & getting to spend time with the inimitable Pat Flynn at the DNX Digital Nomad Conference, in Lisbon, Portugal.


Hannah G. Wiley


My name is Hannah and I help service-based entrepreneurs who want a profitable online business that lets them do what they love, while working from anywhere (without doing all of the work themselves). 

I’m also a born creative, not entrepreneur – I only came to entrepreneurship as a means to have freedom. 

I don’t want to “hustle” nonstop to get things done – I want to find the easiest way possible to get what i want. I don’t want to push hard to make the sale – I want the sale to happen effortlessly. I don’t want to chase after low paying clients – I want high paying clients to come asking me for help.  I don’t want to do all the work myself – I want to be the big picture thinker and let others do the service delivery.

All which was the OPPOSITE of how it was for me when I first started out.

That’s why I decided to start sharing how I made it so much easier on myself by switching from the normal way of running an online services business to what I call a “laptop agency” – in the hopes that somebody like the wanderlusting, freedom-craving Hannah of three years ago (maybe you?) will find it & won’t have to struggle as much as I did, to become time, location, and financially independent – even if you aren’t a born entrepreneur, a natural sales person, or have it all figured out.

There IS an easier way. Download the masterplan here.